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Monday, May 7, 2012



My name is Kristin & I'm the owner of Everythings Always Sunny. I'm here to write about things that inspire me & what keeps me happy, healthy and motivated.

I live in a small town and work in a small boutique in Downtown Grand Haven, Michigan. Here I meet so many different & unique people. I'm privileged to constantly be around new fashion since it's what I love.

I've become more passionate about holistic health, fashion & keeping a positive attitude. Combining the three is what I think will help keep my blog interesting & unique. I've watched what it's done in my life & using the word "excited" to write about it is an understatement.
I'm a small town girl with big dreams that I'm ready to go after. 


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  1. Always happy to meet a fellow blogger who is interested in being a happy, healthy, whole person! :)


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