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Monday, March 31, 2014


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FINALLY YOU'RE HERE! (and I'm totally stoked about it!) Last Summer I think Matt grilled almost every day (which I am so thankful for!) Yesterday was a very very very very good day, we broke out the grill after Church and grilled up some hotdogs. I think the temperature was around 50 and as of now on the beautiful Monday afternoon it's 55 degrees and by 3pm it's supposed to reach 61!! I have a few errands today and I will be breaking out my sandals! Millie and I have been doing some mild yard work  and what that consists of is picking up sticks.. hahha.. I also shut off the heat and opened all the windows. It's so nice to have all this fresh air and warmth!! Oh sooo happy!

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Thursday, March 27, 2014

Brand Focus | JCrew Science of Color

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Today's post is a little different than normal I thought I'd start a new series called Brand Focus. JCrew is probably my favorite store, the colors seems so regal but unique. When I found this video I was so intrigued by how everything starts from art and inspiration but then is turned into science and that is how JCrew finds their new innovative colors which we all I believe are in love with. One of my favorite boards on pinterest boards is JCrew's Pink Board I think it's so amazing to see where their minds are when creating new hues.
Watch the video below to see how JCrew goes through the process of choosing their new colors.

If that YouTube link ^^ doesn't work just click here

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Tuesday, March 25, 2014

50 Ways to use Coconut Oil

1 // Coffee, put a tea spoon of it in your coffee and it gives it a little bit of a Caribbean taste!
2 // Great lip moisturizer.
3 // Oil pulling. Whitens and can help tooth decay
4 // Mix with baking soda and make an awesome facial scrub
5 // Use instead of butter. It is especially tasty when you use it to cook popcorn!
6 // Eyelash Serum
7 // Diaper rash cream
8 // Use as an after shave. Helps with razor burn. Ladies, Bikini Lines!
9 // Helps control eczema
10 // Can make great tooth paste!
11 // Eating it gives you more energy!
12 // Metabolism Booster
13 // Static Reducer
14 // naturally SPF 4 sunscreen
15 // Helps get rid of frizz
16 // Helps heal cut or infection faster
17 // Some evidence shows that the beneficial fats in coconut oil can help with depression and anxiety
18 // Make Up Remover
19 // Helps soothe a sore throat
20 // Use in place of massage oil
21 // Great for you manis helps your cuticles
22 // Leave in hair conditioner, apply to dry hair and leave on as long as possible, then shampoo your hair will be so soft and silky!
23 // Helps for stretch marks
24 // Great on toast! Sprinkle a little sea salt on top and it is amazing!!
25 // Use in replace of shaving cream
26 // Helps get rid of dark spots
27 // put on cuts and burns it helps the healing process
28 // After a cold or nosebleed, if there is dryness dab a little in each nostril.
29 // Can help insulin levels
30 // Canker sore remedy
31 // Great facial moisturizer helps fine lines and wrinkles
32 // Tanning Oil
33 // Nursing moms can take 3-4 tablespoons a day ( and Vitamin D) to increase milk supply and nutrients
34 // helps reduce appearance of varicose veins
35 // Put a table spoon in hot tea to help with flu or cold
36 // Use as a deodorant 
37 // Helps with cellulite
38 // Easy DIY Lip Scrub
39 // Can help with weight loss if you consume it daily
40 // Can help fight candida if take regular basis
41 // Great for dogs! I've noticed that when I feed coconut oil to millie her coat is super silky and soft!
42 // Helps with allergy symptoms
43 // Thyroid Supporter
44 // Helps mental alertness
45 // Reduces the itch of mosquito bites
46 // Great brain boosting snack
47 // Mix with rosemary, or mint for a bug repellant
48 // With apple cider vinegar can be a natural lice treatment
49 // Helps with itchy and dry skin
50 // Can help with sleep

This is merely an opinion blog. The information held on this blog is merely the opinion of myself. The research and information covered in this blog is open to public domain for discussion and in no way breaches or breaks the boundaries of the law in any state of the the United States of America where I live. I am not a doctor nor do I claim to have any formal medical background. I am not liable, either expressly or in an implied manner, nor claim any responsibility for any emotional or physical problems that may occur directly or indirectly from reading this blog.
Saturday, March 22, 2014


One of my favorite things to do is browse around other blogs and see what their "dream home" or what their inspiration is.. I feel like we all have sort of the same idea as far as simplicity I find that most bloggers love the simple and white look to a room.
I've always been a fan of a "muted" room. I find them peaceful, airy and quite relaxing. I thought I'd share some photos and rooms that I am very much inspired by and would love to have in my home one day.

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Friday, March 21, 2014

bedroom luxuries

I cannot tell you how excited I am that it is the end of the week! I feel this last week/two weeks have been extremely hectic and non stop! This weekend will be exciting with my Best Friend's Bridal Shower! (She's an amazing photographer so make sure you check out her work here & her instagram) Anywhoo in spite of my craaazyy week I took a minute and went through and found some bedroom luxuries that I am realllly craving and would absolutely love to own! I feel like my style has really evolved over the years.. I used to love bright and vibrant colors but now I go for more of a classic black and white piece rather than a bright trendy one. Each and every one of these items I feel is classic and timeless and would be great with any color in any room.
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Wednesday, March 19, 2014

5 Easy Pick-me-ups to a sunnier day

1 // Jams. 
I don't think there is anything better than turning on your favorite song and dancing. I don't know about you, but I can't have a poopy face when I hear the song happy!

2 // Self-help books. 
In my post How I went from Cloudy to Sunny (feels like ages ago..) I talked a lot about self-help books and I recommended a lot of them... I believe it good and healthy to read, I mean who doesn't? One of my favorite quotes is "If you're not growing you're dying." I think It's always a good idea to learn and expand your mind. Those books can reallyyy reallly help you grow and begin thinking more positively. Just start out with a small goal too. Don't tell yourself you're going to read 5 chapters a day because you're setting yourself up for failure, and that's no good. Make it a super tangible goal and read a paragraph or even just a sentence a day to start out and grow from there.

3 // Dress Up
Go throw your sweats in the laundry room and put on a dress or top that has a bright or bold color! If you're a lady then do a bright coral or pink lip color, It'll sure lift your spirits!

4 // Positive Affirmations
Give yourself love. I believe we should be starting out our days like this girl  Every day we give ourselves affirmations and labels. Whether It's detrimental to us or beneficial. Not sure if you've ever watched the clip from What The Bleep Do We Know but if you watch the video you'd see the different affirmations and how it effects water . Now, we're made up of 90% of water. It's just proof that self-talk does effect us. So start lovin' on yourself!!

5 // Gratitude
You might be rolling your eyes thinking that all I do is talk about gratitude and how great and beneficial it is.. But you guys, its so dang true! I think It's something that you can't get enough of and It's something that you should hear over and over again. Keep a gratitude journal or just put out there "into the universe" or God, or whatever you and your personal belief are, mine is God. Just pray and say thank you for giving me this and this. Even things that haven't even happened yet be grateful for all the amazing things in your life that are going to happen! Especially be thankful or the things you have now. Be grateful you woke up this morning, you ate today, your family, just anything! I promise you; your days will get better! If you start this every morning before you get out of bed, you are most defiantly setting yourself up for a terrific day!

Kristin xo

High End | Wish List

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So lately I've taken what I spend greatly into consideration. I have a bad habit of spending my money on "trendy" cheap things.. Now that I'm growing up I'm realizing that the amount of money I spend on each little cheap piece of jewelry I could of saved up and spent a great deal on a good classic item that will last me years instead of months sometimes as little as weeks. I think it's time that I save then I can splurge! JRDunnNordstrom and Neiman Marcus all have great fine jewelry and has a different style for everyones liking!

Thursday, March 13, 2014

St. Patrick's Day Ideas

Today I put together 10 St. Patricks Day Ideas! Do you guy's decorate or bake for St Patty's Day? After searching the wonderful web world of Pinterest I am defiantly inspired to try some of these fun ideas! Now that Matt and I have a home I'm slowly getting into the process of decorating for little Holidays! I don't want it to be an overkill and overwhelm him but since I am my Mother's child (My Parents Christmas decor look like Bronner's) there will some shamROCKIN' decor! 

Lucky Succulents // 4. Ombre Green Rice Crispy  // 5. St. Patrick’s Day Pistachio Mousse Cups // 6. Kiss Me, I'm Irish Cupcakes // 7. Guacamole Deviled Eggs // 8. St. Patrick's Ombre Cake // 9. St. Patrick's Door // 10. Coconut & Lime Macarons

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Spring Pastel Wishlist

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These past couple of days I have been going crayyyy about Spring. Mother Nature has teased us with close to 50 degree weather, so now I'm expecting that every day! 

I think everyone and their brother knows that spring is synonymous with pastels. The other day I was reading Devon Rachel's blog and was going gaga over this outfit. Which is why I bring you this post! I have so much dang respect for that girl and her style so if she says wear this, dang it I will.

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