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Thursday, September 27, 2012

Three Treasures

[slightly obsessed with my stationery

[giraffe iPhone case]

Red Alley

I've always had a love for the color red, seeing all the new trends for colored denim I felt an obligation to start wearing them. Something about these red pants really stood out for me. I thought this scarf was the perfect touch for this outfit it has specs of red in it that really makes the red "pop" 
I think I've gotten over my fear of colored denim.

what i wore
Shiraleah Scarf from Down To Earth
Elan Red Pants from Down To Earth
Bag is from Down To Earth
MRena Oversized Sweater from Down To Earth
Bracelet is from Down To Earth
Yes, I'm a Down To Earth junkie.

If you're around the Grand Haven area tonight, come stop in at Down To Earth's open house! 
lots of new fall fashions! 
Tuesday, September 25, 2012


Since I feel like we've been living at weddings this past month I thought I'd share a few beautiful moments from them. Its so refreshing to see real love & happiness, both weddings were so wonderful and put together with perfection. I was so blessed to be able to spend it with my best friend/boyfriend.

yes, I caught the bouquet & I think matts getting a little annoyed with how many times I've reminded him..
[wink wink]

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Monday, September 24, 2012

Vintage Teal

It took quite some time if these shoes would actually "make" the outfit or if it'd be a little much. I feel like there are two ways to wear bright colors, either dress them down with neutrals or to go all out. I love dress probably because theres a hundred different looks and different places I could wear this to. 

what i wore
Champagne & Strawberry Dress from Urban Finery in Downtown Grand Haven
Poetic Licens Heels from Uniquely Stranded

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Red and Gold

It's my favorite time of year. The beginning of sweater dress season. I find myself being a big sucker for sweater dresses and I always manage to make the biggest dent into my bank account around this time of year. I love this sweater especially because I feel like I can keep my inner hippy but be able to doll this up and make it a little more sophisticated.

what i wore
Theme Dress from Down To Earth
Chunky Necklace from Down To Earth
BCBG Shoes

Monday, September 17, 2012

Bringin' out the Gringo

My Old Gringo Boots. My dear friend Em & I decided to take a day and do a little photo shoot. While I was frantically digging through my clothes she wouldn't let me pass up the opportunity to shoot with these bad boys.
I'm leaving for Nashville toward the end of October and I am overly excited to wear these around, especially because they're actually authentic. These boots are a funny story, I was garage sailing with my sister (which I usually try and stay away from garage sailing because I buy random everything and never use any of it) but, This time I told her the only thing that I'm looking for is cheap cowgirl boots that are just trendy and fashionable, wellllll little did I know that i'd actually find some that were authentic! I was so extremely excited that I found 400 dollar boots for 65 dollars! 

what i wore
Elan Dress that I purchased at Down To Earth but no longer there but you can find it here 
Ring is from Charlotte Ruse
Shoes are here

I'm feeling a Free People, sort of style?

Emily's website should be up soon but if you have any questions relating to her photography please let me know below or via e-mail & I can give you her infromation.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Lilac Lane

Lately I've been feeling overwhelmed in my closet. I know it needs to be gone through and clothing needs to be tossed out or donated but part of me can't help but to hold on to specific pieces of clothing. This tank is one of those things. It has been in my closet for months and I felt like nothing was ever cute with it until I found these gauchos! Needless to say I'm very excited that I finally found something that goes well with this tank. I purchased this a few months ago and took me forever pair it up with something cute! 

what i wore
Tank is from Forever 21
Gauchos are from TJMaxx
Shoes are from BCBG

Off The Wall

To me I feel this dress is a little riskaayyy but with the help of these pumps and cheetah clutch I couldn't resist be to make it "going out" attire. {Because I go out allll the time....} 
When I was in Vegas for Magic Show I slipped my way into BCBG early in the am before our flight and bought this number. I feel like it's a classic and will always have a place to wear it even for fall and winter. A jean jacket with leggings and boots? I think thats a yes!

what i wore
BCBG Dress here
old h&m boots but similar and even better here
(I think I may have to purchase those!)
old cheetah clutch from express but one similar here
gold cuff bracelet from a local boutique 

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Sassy Classy

Everyday I drive past this art work on my way to work and I forget how beautiful Grand Haven really is. I have defiantly realized how much I really take advantage of this beautiful place. Starring at this piece I thought it'd be the perfect back drop for a shoot and make a beautiful post. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.
I'm quite in love with this dress I really feel like I can do just about anything with it. It will be perfect for any meeting, wedding or work if dressed down slightly.
It's got some sass with some class.

What I wore,
Kensie dress from Down To Earth
Sunglasses are from a little boutique I discovered in Down Town Milford
Shoes BCBG

I'm still a sucker for inside out zippers 

Monday, September 10, 2012

Grey Day

The cool weather in Michigan has finally begun, I know I say finally but by November I will be itching for Spring weather. I love to wear sweater dresses but not always a fan of turtle necks. I couldn't help but fall in love with this sweater though and I think the little bow detail perfects it.

Theme Sweater from Down To Earth
Kensie Trench Coat from Down to Earth
Color Blocking Purse from Down To Earth
Shoes are from BCBG

Friday, September 7, 2012

Lets Face It

When I first purchased this top about five years ago, yes five I finally took the time to dragged this bad boy out and decided to do something with it. I'm so in love with this top everything about it is fabulous, the teal, pink and distorted face. I feel like it's trendy more than ever now & I'm so excited to rock it.
I'm not so sure what I can exactly pair it with in my wardrobe but for fall, I can't wait to put some leggings boots and a oversized scarf and doll it up.

Top was at Down To Earth, Shoes are from a place in chicago that I can't recall, Cheetah clutch is from  Express, ring is from Aldos & nail polish is Essie Lapis of Luxury

Tuesday, September 4, 2012


Fall is right around the corner and I feel like its so hard to keep a "Sunny" attitude & look when its cold and gloomy outside. I found the brand Joules that I feel like will keep anyones wardrobe bright and sunny even on the most cheerless of days.
Like I've said before "You are what you wear." Even if you don't like the statement, it's true. Just like when you have a bad hair day, you basically just have a bad day. When you're not wearing something you feel is "cute" You really don't act cute.
Whatever you wear people portray you as that. 
This is why I think this collection is perfect, They have kept really great colors in for fall kept away from a lot of blacks, greys & browns.
I'm very excited to start adding some pieces to my wardrobe. 

Heres a few favorites to help brighten up a day.

help brighten up a casual outfit

{A simple floral scarf}

Perfect outfit for transitional weather.

a perfect "go-to" dress with elbow patch detail

I couldn't help but obsess a little over this bed, I think it'd be perfect for my little Millie!

everything about this bed linen is fantastic, i feel like it's "trendy" but not too "trendy" we all know that stripes and florals are super "in" but I feel like coloring and will help it stay around for a while.

perfect to jot down those things I say "oh i'll remember that!" & never do.
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