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Sunday, July 22, 2012


We've all made the mistake of leaving a candle lit..
I love candles but, I tend to do too many things at once then I leave my house and all day I have the question in the back of my head "Did I remember to blow out that candle?.."

Well, today I was at a family members wedding shower when my cousin introduced me to Scentsy candles. I thought the idea was great so I just had to share it with you guys!

Basically, they are a safe alternative to a real center candle. It warms and melts the wax which releases the fragrance into the air. There is 80 different scents, so theres something suitable for everyone.

They are 100% safe and a wickless and 
flameless way to burn candles. They absolutely will not burn you

This is Lisa,
If you have any more questions about the candles she is going to be the best person to ask! She can answer any questions you have!
To contact her you can go here or here


  1. lol I have some candles at my home that are kind of like that, they're really useful, I love Lisa's outfit!


  2. Kristin! Oh my! I am so glad you wore that skirt! I'm in love! Love you!

  3. Isn't lisa gorgeous!!?

    @kelsey, Thank you lovey!! seeee you tomorrow!!

  4. I love those candles! My mom bought them long time ago, and we are obsessed with them!

    You look beautiful by the way :)

    xox, Gabby K.

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    you are so pretty
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  6. Thanks girls so much!
    @Klaudia i'll totally check out your blog :)

  7. Aromatherapy makes a huge difference on mood and state of mind.... lovely!

  8. hi pretty!
    I've read your message on my IFB account, I'm following you now :D
    you have a great blog!
    hope to see you on my list :D

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