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Friday, January 11, 2013

Insta-Life Lately

Heres a few Instagrams from my life lately.  Of course food, Christmas, Baby Millie, Matty and some Crystals I received from a few of my clients. (love them!) As bloggers I feel we really try so hard to capture the  perfect moment. The perfect walk the perfect head tilt the perfect purse angle. I love the fact that you can share your special moments (that aren’t planned) and they truly mean the world. Like the Fanta and Coke picture above that was when Matt and I were traveling back and forth to families houses for Thanksgiving and when I had the realization that wow I love this boy and this is all that I’ve ever wanted. Honestly just driving around with a guy I completely adore and drinking Cane Sugar filled Fanta and Coca- Cola talking about aliens or something… (hahaha) But for real..
I love that you can tie memories into these photos and I will cherish every single one forever because each one has a significant memory behind it.

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