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Monday, September 23, 2013

Change Your Favicon

So even though uploading your favicon is super easy, so easy that I was making it way more difficult for myself than it should be. Once I found out the way to change my favicon I felt a tad silly but thought you know what, people probably have been having the same dilemma as me, so I thought i'd share a short tutorial on how to change / personalize your favicon

First Step //  design your favicon! If you don't have photoshop you can use free online photo editing sites like picmonkey or gimp. Remember that your favicon is super small so make sure it's something simple so everyone can see it!

Second Step // Resize your image, you can make it any size it just has to be square. What I noticed was the best is 200 x 200

Third Step //  Go to your blogger layout section and on the top left hand corner there will be a widget that says favicon. Click on it and upload your image! Yes it's that simple! Don't worry if it doesn't show up right away mine took a day or two!

I hope you guys enjoyed this and found it useful! 

Kristin xo

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