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Thursday, February 27, 2014

Winter Shades

Scarf Jb&Me // Forever 21 Jacket (Similar) // Aldos Purse // Jcrew Jeans 

Yesterday I met up with my good friend Rachel to catch up and do some photos! I know Sunny has been lacking in fashion posts veryyy much, and many apologies for that.. I'm hoping to start posting much much more! Even though I feel like I've been dressing in the same color palette the last 4 months I never thought I'd get sick of neutrals. I defiantly love sporting blacks and browns but lately anytime I see something sparkle or a bit of a neon or pastel I notice myself being quickly drawn to it. I love you Winter shades but I am most defiantly ready for Spring.

Photos taken by Rachel Kaye Photography


  1. Your friend Rachel did a good job. The photos look nice - and snow makes perfect back drop. Cute outfit too. I like that it's stylish and still weather-appropriate.

    Have a wonderful day!

    Beauty Fashion Skin Care Blog -Girlie Blog Seattle | Casual Chic Style

  2. Love these pics and your new engagement ring is AMAZING :D
    xo Ally

  3. Those are breathtaking shots....really brought out your beauty all the more!


  4. Super cute! And that ring is GORGEOUS, girl!!
    So happy for you. :)


  5. Well, you rock neutrals very well, so there's that :)

  6. Your engagement ring is beautiful! Loving this look!
    Reinvent Yourself

  7. These pictures are beautiful and I love your jacket and ring.

  8. Ahhh Kristin! Your blog looks AMAZING right now!:) It inspires me so much, I wish I had more time to get back into mine:( Love this outfit, especially that jacket..I love it even more though because I can see that ring!!!!:) Again, soo happy and excited for you:)! Enjoy this time, I know everyone says it but its all too true, 'it goes wayyy too fast!' xo

  9. You're gorgeous!! Love your scarf and jacket! Great combo!! ;) xx



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