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Friday, December 7, 2012

Guest Blogger

Mr. Matt Jones my wonderful boyfriend blew me away by his well written blog post he did  for his works website. Since my blog is about being happy and positive I thought I should share this with you guys.
You can find the original post at Supply Geeks
Life has a tendency to throw us a curve ball or two every now and then. This unexpected bump in the road usually seems to happen at the worst possible time. However, whether you react or respond to the given situation is determined by your attitude. Staying positive during tough times may seem hard to imagine right now, but it is possible. Not only possible, it will help you power through it with a smile on your face. That attitude is only a few simple steps and thoughts away.
Change Your Thinking
Your thinking is the most important ingredient to being happy and content. The quicker you can change the way you think and your attitude towards people, things, and situations; the quicker your life will change. Positive thoughts will bring more positive thoughts into your life. This in turn will make you a much happier person. You will however need to practice and practice and practice this technique. Surrounding yourself by positive people and letting negative things roll off is a great place to start. Don’t worry, it will get easier the more you work on it.
Take Responsibility of Everything
Naturally (and rightfully so), we are quick to give ourselves a pat on the back when things go right. The feeling of being content and happy is the best feeling in the world. However, as humans, we also have the tendency to shift blame on anything and anyone else but ourselves when things start to go south. The truth is that everything that happens in your life (good or bad,) is there because of you and only you. Knowing and understanding this can totally change your viewpoint on a negative event or situation; switching from being the victim to total empowerment.
Remember: Everything Always Works Out
Every situation in life always works out the best way it is intended for you. How many times in your life can you think of a time where something that seemed horrible to begin with ended turning out great? Just remember that no matter the obstacle, think of it as an event on the path to where you want to go. Just remember to always be happy and know that everything will turn out to your benefit.
As we said before, whether you respond or react to something is key. These simple steps can get you on the path to happiness. It takes work, but it does work. The most successful and happy people have these steps mastered. 

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