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Monday, November 5, 2012

How I Went From Cloudy To Sunny

Its pretty amazing what kind of mind set you have portrays off to what you look like. This post is probably going to be one the the most personal and emotional I will ever get. The reason why I was so inspired to do Everythings Always Sunny wasn't just to have a blog about fashion and health but I feel like my story could possibly benefit or inspire someone and I want to continue to teach the way I learned things through Sunny. [Who do you listen to? People who have what you want, People who have been where you are and ultimetly yourself.] Now I understand I may not be someone that relates to you but things I want to teach through my blog are things that have dramatically changed my life.

It was about four years ago I let myself and my ego get to me "your ego is not your amigo" I learned that fast. Letting outside influences effect me and my personality was probably the worst thing I let happen. I let my weight get out of control Junior year in High School and I clearly remember the day I went to the doctors not even for weight issues, but different health issues and stepping on the scale and it reading 172 was probably the biggest slap in the face to a seventeen year old girl.
At that moment I should of made the decision to change my ways but instead of finding the positive I blamed every possible thing and person around me.

Later that year I let my rebellious stage get to me, Which lasted about three days.... I skipped two days of school which was never me and long story short my parents found out by the end of the second day and I was grounded for a month. Which turned out to be the most life changing month of my life. 
I finally go out of the "oh poor me" stage and started taking full responsibility for my life.
My dad set me down and pushed a cd series over to me that I thought I was well too good for and told me, "The only way you will be ungrounded is if you listen to these cd's and I will be testing you. You will know this information like the back of your hand." Him and my Mom making that decision for me is why I'm here now writing this and getting a little misty.
People think the little phrase believe and you can achieve is over rated and used to much but I feel like It's not used enough, one of my biggest pet peeves is when someone thinks they "can't" do something now whether they're too short too tall too fat too skinny oh I can't do this because I have this, or this... They're all just personal excuses that don't mean anything if you truly believe you can do something you can and will do it. 
no excuses allowed.

Now, it wasn't just my weight that changed everything about me changed, I'm actually happy now I have things in my life that four years ago I never would of dreamed of.

Books and Audios that had a huge impact on my life & I'm still working on finishing all these books but they're all books and audios that are all highly recommended
Your Wish Is Your Command - Audio
Outwitting the Devil By Napoleon Hill - Audio
Magic of Thinking Big By David Schwartz - Book
Magic of Believing By Claude M. Bristol - Book
Ask and It Is Given By Esther and Jerry Hicks - Book
See You at the Top By Zig Ziglar - Book
It Works By RHJ - Book [only 3 dollars and its marvelous!]
The Go-Getter By Peter B. Kyne - Book
As A Man Thinketh  By James Allen - Book
The Secret By Rhonda Byrne - Book
How To Have Confidence and Power in Dealing With People By Les Giblin - Book

If you're having any trouble finding any of theses books or audios let me know and i'd be glad to help you out.


  1. You are such an inspiration Kristen! Thank you so much for sharing your story :)
    I know that so many people will find motivation and hope from you and your story (myself included) I really love your sunny outlook in life - and that's why you’re beautiful posts continue to bring me back to your fabulous blog!

    xo Ally


  2. Wow, what an amazing story! I absolutely agree that our attitudes have so much to do with our overall happiness and state of mind! Lovely post!

  3. I love this outlook on life, "everythings always sunny". I always try to remember something like that when Im upset because i am so insainly blessed! Thanks for the reminder. And even though I never really struggled with what you have it still is a truley inspiring story!


  4. What an amazing story! I think no matter who we are, we all get to the point where we need a little push (or shove) towards happiness. Thanks for sharing!

    The Glossy Life

  5. Amazing story, it´s really inspiring!

  6. you are just so gorgeous! inside and out :) thank you for sharing your story with the blog universe :D

  7. How amazing! I love reading inspirational things like this. Your hard work paid off and I'm so glad you are happy now!

    Life Unsweetened

  8. This is so inspiring! I love when bloggers let the readers into their personal experiences more. Great post!
    Isn’t That Charming.

  9. YOu look absolutely Amazing! Well done and you can be proud of yourself!

    Love Storm

  10. Oh dear, my tears are shallow and while reading your post it made me cry. your parents are amazing for giving you the courage to and for inspiring you. I'm so impressed at how self driven you are. you look fantastic and really happy with who you are now. This blog can truly inspire a lot of people out there who are not only struggling with weight loss issues but also with very low self esteem. youre one strong woman and i would say matured enough at your age to know what you want in your life and how you want to achieve it. im almost double your age and it took me a while to be who i am now. but its never too late..
    thumbs up!
    now following you :) and thank you for visiting my blog. i will not ask you to follow back. you have the right to choose to or not.


  11. Thank you for sharing this beautiful post. You're such an amazing girl, and I love love love your blog and everything you are doing with your life. I'm so happy your parents were there to help you become the gorgeous woman you are, and love seeing snapshots of your life on this blog. Know this just makes it that much better. Thank you.

    <3 Josephine

  12. very inspirational! you always have control over your life, if you don't like something then change it! you go girl


  13. Aww, you are such an inspiration. Thanks for sharing your story lady. I love your blog and glad you are so happy w/your life now :) Plus, your blog name is adorable too!

    xo Michelle

    Fierce & Fashionable

  14. Great and inspirational post. I love what you said, your ego is not your amigo. I def needed to hear that right now. You should check out Wayne Dyer's work as well. Anyway, I'm so glad you left a comment on my blog because I'm a total fan of yours! Following yours, hope to get a follow back!


  15. What an inspirational and beautiful post. I love reading your blog and being inspired by your happiness!!


  16. Than you for sharing your inspirational story! I really look up to you!

  17. Such an inspirational post! I love it

    Xo, Rachel
    Glitzy Blues

  18. that was such a good read, thanks for sharing!


  19. Great inspiration. Always sunny is the perfect theme for your blog.
    Thanks for the recent comment on my blog, I hope we can keep in touch :)


  20. Good for you girl! It's amazing when you remove toxic things from your life (whether it's food, people, etc) how much happier you are... and it shows :)

    Pearls & Paws

  21. Thanks for sharing Kristin...and you go girl! You look so fabulous, and it's amazing that you were able to turn things around :)

    The Other Side of Gray

  22. Love the candidness of this post. You rock!!

    xo Ashley

  23. so cool blog!
    ıf u want we can follow each other?

  24. This is such an inspiring post! I've never struggled with my weight but have definitely had my fair share of self esteem issues growing up. Thank you for sharing such a personal part of your life!

    xo jen
    Pearls & Lace

  25. Very inspiring! I am going through a very difficult time in my life so I can completely relate to your past struggles! Cheers :)

  26. This is such a beautiful and inspiring piece. Thank you for sharing your story, you've given me an extra jolt of energy and motivation! :) Thanks for the book recommends.

  27. Great inspring piece. It was so thoughtful + engaging!



  28. honestly you are so beautiful in each photo. Your parents are amazing, and you are only a product of them. Truly you are so lucky and blessed. What an inspirational post. love it. xO!

  29. omg, you're so beautiful <3
    Thank you for sharing your Story Dear.
    You can be so proud of you :)!!

  30. First of all, I would have never guessed that you had weight and personal issues. You are absolutely gorgeous and quite frankly such a role model for so many girls! Thank you for sharing and for making a blog!


    Erin @ http://www.truffles-ruffles.com/

  31. Hey beautiful lady :)
    Join Estée Lauder Giveaway on my blog :)

  32. Great post!! Thank you for sharing this inspiring story about yourself, you definitely set a inspiring role model for everyone including me!!

    The Closet 365

  33. Love you girl. Go get 'em! Had so much fun with you today! xoxo


  34. lovley post


  35. great post!

  36. Kristin, I love this post! I'm so happy you shared this because, you're right, you can have such a positive influence on people. Truly inspirational!!!!

    You look beautiful, inside and out :)


  37. cute photos, now following :) Hope you'll stop by and follow.
    xoxo Ryta

  38. That's a wonderful message to share! You look fabulous dear!



  39. This is lovely and a wonderful inspiration. Thank you so much for sharing :)


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