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Saturday, November 17, 2012

Think About It

In my post here I mentioned how I didn’t lose weight just by just changing the way I ate or working out but the biggest thing was changing the way I talked to myself. Knowing that If I thought I was a certain person I would deffently become that person. Even if it’s the hardest and goofiest thing but when you wake up in the morning you walk up to the mirror ignore the drool on the side of your face and your eye lashes still stuck together because you didn’t do a very good job the night before taking off your mascara and look at yourself in the eyes and tell your self that today is an amazing day and you are going to do wonderful things. 
I can be do have anything I want and I am a beautiful person.
I love myself.

Words do effect our health, our DNA and our minds. Heres a few pictures below to show. What thoughts can do to water.
Think about it, 90% of our bodies are made up of water so imagine what words and things we say to ourselves how it effects us.

What are some Positive affirmations you girls tell yourselves? 

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