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Tuesday, October 8, 2013

What To Expect? Happiness?

Expectations are simply overrated and I think we can all vouch for that. I think we all expect too much and I'm coming from personal experience. We are all guilty in this part of life.. I really believe that it all comes from self comparison, we are constantly comparing our lives, friends, clothing, relationships to everyone around us (especially social media!) So in turn we start to except that we should have that life too. If we don't have that life we tend to get angry and frustrated because of the fact that these things aren't our reality "yet." It can really affect the people and relationships around you. If you want these things you need to first work on yourself and be in gratitude with absolutely everything you have in your life.. The fact you woke up this morning is something to be grateful for, the fact you have a computer or smart phone and your reading this is something to be grateful for.. I'm not perfect and by all means I am not a pro at being in gratitude 24/7 but lately I've been really trying to. I've made the mistakes of gossiping, calling people names, judging but who hasn't. If you haven't please be my mentor and teach me to be a better person because the reality is that we've all made those mistakes and they're just life experiences to learn from and what a great place to start, well now. 

Social Media, We constantly go through our feed on Facebook, instagram, twitter ect.. and are constantly comparing ourselves to others. I really feel like it's gotten a bit out of hand we say we use it all for inspiration but we all know that that we have that thought in our mind that on why can't I have that or why can't my life be that way.. We need to take a step back, take a nice breath in and return to gratitude and start listing the things we're grateful for what we have. In fact, go through your own feed and go through your own instagram photos and appreciate those experiences you had and those little things that made you so happy that you decided to post a photo of it. Look at those photos and feel that feeling of when you took that photo. That will help you appreciate your own life and your own life experiences this will help you get out of focusing on the lack and back to appreciate and gratitude. Guess what when you have more appreciate and gratitude you will bring more things into YOUR life to make you feel appreciation, gratitude, and happiness. Thats all we really want in life right? To be happy?


  1. i totally agree with you here, especially on the social media point. i actually deleted my personal facebook page for that reason because logging on did nothing but make me compare and feel bad about myself!

  2. Well said! This was such a nice reminder for myself to how lucky I am and how grateful I need to be, even when things don't go my way. Thanks for the inspiration :)

    Relatively Offbeat

  3. Just earlier today I went through my instagram feed and reminisced over all the lovely times I've had in the past, especially my short time while temporarily living in Arizona. It's crazy to remember that I actually lived there, and I'm so thankful for that life experience. It's really nice to remember to be grateful for all we have in life. Wonderful post.

  4. always inspiring :) and so sunny :D

  5. I agree... I think we are so "social media- minded" that we waste too much time being envious of the things we think we want or don't have-- that we are missing those special moments of our own. I have caught myself several times thinking.."Oh wow 'her' life seems so beautiful and happy.." and then I think why don't I turn the internet off and actually GO live and enjoy my own life that is just as special. We make a choice everyday and decide what our day will be like and life can be so busy and hectic that we forget how blessed we really are.

    Lovely post .. I am feeling inspired ;D Come check me out if you want "ONLY THE BEST BEAUTY" http://www.thebestbydianne.blogspot.com


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