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Tuesday, December 17, 2013

1Dress.co.uk Collaboration

When I was first introduced to 1dress.co.uk I was extremely excited, and was wishing I would of known about them when I was in high school! They have such a large variety of dresses and they have a endless choices for all shapes and sizes! Below I picked a few very classy and trendy dresses that I think would be great for prom or any special occasion.

The Modern Girl // I think the silhouette of this dress is absolutely stunning, I think it has great structure for every body type.

The Sleek Girl // This dress is very body hugging and is that WOW dress! It takes a very daring person to wear it and pull it off!

The Glamour Girl // I defiantly think many people could pull this off, it has a very high neckline but the dress still screams sexy!

The Chic Girl // With the little cut out this dress is extremely trendy and chic, for that girl is always on top of fashion trends I think this would be the perfect dress for her!

The Glitzy Girl // If you want to really stand out at your prom or special occasion then this dress is absolutely perfect for you! I love that it's trendy but still very sophisticated! It's a trend that will last a long time!

Well girls, I don't think it's ever too early to start prom dress shopping! Despite of how much we all adore that little black dress I think some picks above are very modern and chic, encourage yourself to "branch out" a bit and go for something glam! When I first stumbled upon 1dress.co.uk I really appreciated the fact that all dresses are reasonably priced, thats really hard to find.
Make sure you use the coupon code xq10usdoff this will save you $10.00 off of any dress over $120.00
1dress.co.uk has great taste, and they have taste for everyone. I've always been hesitant about buying something online but their choices are endless, dresses that you can't find anywhere else and they're all cheap prom dresses! . Even though the have amazing prom dresses you can find almost anything there. Since I'm not in high school anymore I was skeptical when I was first browsing the site but I was pleasantly surprised that they have dresses for every occasion. Another great thing is that they deliver to over 200 countries, that's extremely rare! 
So if you're wanting a traditional little black dress or if you're going for something bright and trendy 1dress.co.uk has it for you, again the prices are extremely reasonable and they have a variety of silhouettes for every different body type and for every unique taste. 
Again, remember to use the coupon code xq10usdoff and save yourself $10.00 off of any dress that is over $120.00!

I will defiantly be using them when I have another big event to attend!

this post is sponsored but opinions are all 100% mine.

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  1. My favorites are modern and chic!
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