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Tuesday, March 25, 2014

50 Ways to use Coconut Oil

1 // Coffee, put a tea spoon of it in your coffee and it gives it a little bit of a Caribbean taste!
2 // Great lip moisturizer.
3 // Oil pulling. Whitens and can help tooth decay
4 // Mix with baking soda and make an awesome facial scrub
5 // Use instead of butter. It is especially tasty when you use it to cook popcorn!
6 // Eyelash Serum
7 // Diaper rash cream
8 // Use as an after shave. Helps with razor burn. Ladies, Bikini Lines!
9 // Helps control eczema
10 // Can make great tooth paste!
11 // Eating it gives you more energy!
12 // Metabolism Booster
13 // Static Reducer
14 // naturally SPF 4 sunscreen
15 // Helps get rid of frizz
16 // Helps heal cut or infection faster
17 // Some evidence shows that the beneficial fats in coconut oil can help with depression and anxiety
18 // Make Up Remover
19 // Helps soothe a sore throat
20 // Use in place of massage oil
21 // Great for you manis helps your cuticles
22 // Leave in hair conditioner, apply to dry hair and leave on as long as possible, then shampoo your hair will be so soft and silky!
23 // Helps for stretch marks
24 // Great on toast! Sprinkle a little sea salt on top and it is amazing!!
25 // Use in replace of shaving cream
26 // Helps get rid of dark spots
27 // put on cuts and burns it helps the healing process
28 // After a cold or nosebleed, if there is dryness dab a little in each nostril.
29 // Can help insulin levels
30 // Canker sore remedy
31 // Great facial moisturizer helps fine lines and wrinkles
32 // Tanning Oil
33 // Nursing moms can take 3-4 tablespoons a day ( and Vitamin D) to increase milk supply and nutrients
34 // helps reduce appearance of varicose veins
35 // Put a table spoon in hot tea to help with flu or cold
36 // Use as a deodorant 
37 // Helps with cellulite
38 // Easy DIY Lip Scrub
39 // Can help with weight loss if you consume it daily
40 // Can help fight candida if take regular basis
41 // Great for dogs! I've noticed that when I feed coconut oil to millie her coat is super silky and soft!
42 // Helps with allergy symptoms
43 // Thyroid Supporter
44 // Helps mental alertness
45 // Reduces the itch of mosquito bites
46 // Great brain boosting snack
47 // Mix with rosemary, or mint for a bug repellant
48 // With apple cider vinegar can be a natural lice treatment
49 // Helps with itchy and dry skin
50 // Can help with sleep

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  1. I use coconut oil everywhere- in my food, to remove my makeup, etc. It's amazing!

  2. I use it for everything...it's the only thing that can get all my mascara off!

    x. jill
    beck daily

  3. Gosh we must be on the same wave length because I was only talking about coconut oil uses today! A girl I work with was mentioning how lovely and white it has made her teeth! What an amazing thing.

    Krissie x - http://pearlsofstyle.blogspot.com.au

  4. I've recently discovered the benefits of coconut oil and I am hooked! I use it as a facial and body moisturizer and I use it on my kids too after their bath. I'll have to try it in my coffee...sounds delicious!


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