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Monday, March 31, 2014


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FINALLY YOU'RE HERE! (and I'm totally stoked about it!) Last Summer I think Matt grilled almost every day (which I am so thankful for!) Yesterday was a very very very very good day, we broke out the grill after Church and grilled up some hotdogs. I think the temperature was around 50 and as of now on the beautiful Monday afternoon it's 55 degrees and by 3pm it's supposed to reach 61!! I have a few errands today and I will be breaking out my sandals! Millie and I have been doing some mild yard work  and what that consists of is picking up sticks.. hahha.. I also shut off the heat and opened all the windows. It's so nice to have all this fresh air and warmth!! Oh sooo happy!

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  1. The top and the purse is my fave. . Www.fashionobsessher.blogspot.com

  2. Love that you included tacos! Just spent a super warm weekend in Austin and ate a TON of them, haha!

    xo, Manda

  3. Love a great pair of boyfriend jeans paired with a dainty top. Such great spring selects!

    The Marcy Stop

  4. I love that you included an ice cream cone in this! haha! :) Love all the looks!

  5. Wow, it must be so nice to finally be able to break out the sandals! :)



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