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Friday, April 25, 2014

Stripes on Floral

Sandal Heels LuLu's // Striped Crop Top Forever 21 // Floral Skirt Old A Boutique in Saugatuck
First things first, please excuse my insanely pale bod. This girl did not have time to throw on self-tanner before this shoot! Now that that's said let me continue. haha..
I honestly was never daring enough to put stripes on florals, I thought It'd look quite "tacky." Then I was browsing Pinterest and saw thisthis and this  I was instantly sold. Let me take a minute and tell you how much I adore these heels. I have a REAL bad habit of getting shoes that don't go with anything, like bright teal sequin gold with ruffles heels that are gorgeous, but do not go with anything! (yes, those shoes that I just described do exist, I'll try to sneak them in a post here shortly!) So when I saw these shoes on Lulu's I thought they'd be great for a great statement piece, and they so are! They're super comfortable and truly go with anything! Now I should probably wrap this post up before I keep rambling! Hope you guys have a terrific weekend!! xo

Thank You Rachel Kaye Photography for the great photos!
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  1. girl, you rock the stripes + floral look! I love the images you've pinned as well, those are perfection. I think I need a better floral skirt to try this look out.

    happy to hear you are busy and have lots to do! hope you are well!!

    ♥ perfectly Priya

  2. Beautiful! Stripes and floral is my all time favorite print combo. Loving that the pieces are affordable finds, too. <3


  3. I absolutely love mixing patterns like this. Usually when I do, it's a striped shirt with something floral. They just go together.


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