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Monday, November 3, 2014

Local Lovin' | Marie Catrib's

It's been over a year since I've been back to Marie Catrib's in Eastown, and I don't why it took so long for me to come back. The food is seriously AMAZING; the food is real that's all I can really explain it as. You take a bite of your food, and you can just taste the actual flavor of each piece of food that is in your meal. My sandwich (below) Had REAL cranberries on it; It wasn't too sweet, but it wasn't too bitter. The food is perfection, just perfection.

You forget with chain restaurants what real food is if you want some good, authentic, real food. Make sure to stop by here, you won't regret it.

So sorry this post was a ramble, I'm not a very good food critic I just let you guys know what's good!


  1. What a cute little cafe! I wish the area I lived in had unique places like this. Instead we are overrun by chains, chains and more chains! I can't wait to move to a nicer city!

  2. I LOVE that place, and it's just down the road from me (which makes it dangerous). My favorite is the Salmon Surprise. Holy moly, it's amazing!
    We should definitely all do a meet-up soon since we're all so close to each other!'

  3. I'm all about real food and skipping the chains. This place sounds great and your sandwich looks amazing!

  4. I think the pictures describe the food better than words can! I love how they have custom bag designs too.

    Another Beautiful Thing

  5. I love the pics! Everything looks so delicious:)



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