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Friday, August 1, 2014

Give yourself a happier day

Go over your goals
So it's not every morning that I wake up ready to take on the day, when I am feeling a bit lethargic I like to go over my goals and aspirations before I even take my head off the pillow. This helps me feel more motivated and ready for the day!

Take a break
Go for a walk, bake a quick batch of cookies do anything that is the opposite of what you were just doing. Essentially you should be taking a break every 20 minutes, but to many people, that just won't happen. Try your hardest to take a bit of time and do something you enjoy even if it is just taking a minute to read a paragraph in a book, do anything.

Take time to sit down, let your tea steep and go over things you'd like to get done that day. Make sure you put your absolute priorities listed at the top and less important things towards the bottom. Don't overwhelm your day with absolute must do's because it's most likely you wont get any done if you put too much on your plate.

Let go of things that no longer serve you.

Now this is one that I do not anyone can ever be at Unconscious competence at. This is one that I personally work hard to grow in. This sort of goes along with they saying forgive and forget. Forget those things that do not serve you. Don't hold onto those grudges enjoy the small things in the day even if its just a grain of glitter. Don't worry about what happened to you seven months ago, five years ago or even what's going to happen to you next summer. Just focus on the now and find something you can love and appreciate once you make that a habit, this concept will not be so hard to do.


  1. I love this post! Great advice all around, I really love trying to be more mindful, it's a struggle to get motivated to do things like this for myself though. It shouldn't be, but hey, that's life!



  2. The last point is so important yet so difficult for me most of the times.
    Loved reading through this.


  3. Letting things go is such a good one - it should be easy but it really is not, but once you do, it is amazing!

    xx Kelly
    Sparkles and Shoes

  4. It is so great you write about meaningful things, not only fashion. I will be checking out your blog for sure! xx



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